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This youngsta’ Chris Hamilton is the truth. But everynight I pray “Lord, please let Dre sign Crooked I. So the west can be won again, amen”. As long as Crooked I is breathing theres no way Lil Wayne can be the greatest rapper alive. Judge for yourself.

Hip Hop and the V Neck?

By Coke

I bet you thought those were two words you’d never hear together. Me neither. But after going out the other night I realized that a new trend has arisen to accompany the already unforseeable trend of the yeast infection jeans. The V Neck. I was shocked to see regular “macho” (I use that term losely) dudes, trying to look tough in a V Neck. My homey Che Skizza, in almost Nostradamus fashion had predicted this alarming trend years ago, with classic rap lines sich as, “thats not a shirt, its a blouse” and so on and so forth. Now, me myself, I happen to be the type of brotha that keeps an extra collection of T-shirts, to wear under my T-shirts, to insure no part of my neckline is showing at any time. Because where I come from shirts with plunging necklines for men were a definate no no. They don’t look good with khaki’s. To all of my brothas out their, lets get our masculinity back, before it’s too late. The tight jeans, flashy belt buckles and exposed chest should be left to the ladies.

Editors Note- The Bros Johnson started this man!

For A Douchebag V-Neck Gallery Click Thru

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Game Cry’s for Hip Hop

Rappers crying seems to be the new phenomenon I’m not sure what to say. I feel everything the game is saying but it seems real ironic coming from him, then when he starts balling about it I mean damn. If you hadn’t acted  so hard before like you slap babies and spit on your Grandma I’d have more sympathy. The vid is a must watch, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.


By Coke

I don’t understand my people sometimes. I’ve read a lot of the black socially-political blogs lately. And I see a lot of black people angry with, (or hating on, depending on how you look at it) Obama, because of the comments he made on Fathers Day regarding black fathers. Now prior to this a lot of these same folks criticized Obama for not addressing the “black issues”. I once heard a preacher in church say, “if you cant say amen, say ouch!” Now, being a very present, black father (no baby daddy) myself, from the “hood” and a the product of a absentee father who I didn’t even meet until I was ten, I can tell you first hand absent black fathers is a HUGE problem in our community. It along with gang violence, drugs, racist cops and a biased judicial system, are to blame for the many disenfranchised young men we see hanging on corners, as well as the ones we hear in rap music spitting such non sense.
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Big Up’s to missinfo

For schooling cats to the culture content @ Current

This clip is Legendary photographer Martha Cooper speaks on her experiences and coverage of the birth of the Graffiti, B-boying, and Hip Hop culture during the 70’s in New York City.

Some of her Pic’s

More Of her Flix Click thru

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Grabbed this amazing article at weburbanist

Light graffiti, also known as light painting, takes what you think you know about graffiti and turns it on its head. This ephemeral approach to art and expression uses the movement of light to create incredible images and is created on the streets, in nature, and in studios by artists whose creative impulses transcend traditional media. Unlike projection bombing, light graffiti is sometimes produced as performance art, and sometimes just to capture it with photography and video, but either way it makes for some incredible viewing. These ten artists producing light graffiti and light painting represent some of the most amazing talent in a growing (and increasingly strange) field of art.

Michael Bosanko

Much More Graffiti Light Click Thru

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4 Amazing Ancient Cities

This stuff is from an incredible article @ lifeinthefastlane

Popularly known by their names of color as much as their historical designations — the ancient Blue City known as Jodhpur, neighboring Jaipur known as the Pink City, its former capital the Amber City, and Morocco’s Red City of Marrakech — are as much astonishingly beautiful as they are remarkably unusual.

Jodhpur Blue City 1
Photo Dietollevonlioe

Jodhpur — known as the Blue City for the color of its buildings — is the second largest city in Rajasthan, the largest state of the Republic of India, standing at the edge of the large, inhospitable Great Indian Desert (Thar Desert), which has an edge paralleling the Sutlej-Indus river valley along its border with Pakistan.

Jodhpur Blue City 12
Photo Eviltonthai

Most of the buildings in the old quarter are painted blue to signify the Bhraman (Priest) class, but non-Brahmins soon followed suit, as the color was said to deflect the heat and deter mosquitoes, and suddenly everything turned blue, creating a broad vision of indigo from the hilltops.

Dominated by the monstrous and imposing Mehrangarh Fort that appears to grow from out of a sheer rocky ridge 410 feet (125 meters) high of which the Fort is built of right in the middle of town, the ancient city is surrounded by a 16 mile (10 kilometer) long wall, which has 6 massive gates — the Eastern gate Suraj (Sun) Pol, Western gate of Chand (Moon) Pol, Nagauri gate, Merati gate, Jalori gate, and the Siwanchi gate.

Jodhpur Blue City 7
Photo Travayegeur

There are only 3 gates facing in these directions, including the Northern gate which faces toward the ancestral capital of Amber, while many gates face South, and all used to be closed at sunset and opened at sunrise.

The walls of the fort are up to 120 feet (36 meters) high and 70 feet (21 meters) wide, enclosing some exquisite structures and collections of palanquins, howdahs, royal cradles, miniatures, musical instruments, costumes and furniture. The ramparts of Mehrangarh Fort provide not only remarkably preserved cannons, but a breath-taking view of the city.

Jodhpur Blue City 2
Photo Roblerner

This was the way that the Rajputs built their formidable forts and to good effect, as Mehrangarh Fort was never successfully stormed, but the 6 gates still bear visible scars of battle.

The fort was built about a century after Jodhpur was founded in 1459 by the Rajpur chief Rao Jodha, for whom the city is named after.

The old quarter is contained within the confines of the fort, with mostly winding, narrow passages and alleys impossibly cramped with street vendors, shops, bazaars, rickshaws, bicycles, bustling people and animals of all shapes and sizes. The present city has expanded from outside of its walls.

Jodhpur Blue City 3
Photo Soylentgreen23

Jodhpur Blue City 4
Photo 4ocima

Jodhpur Blue City 5
Photo Soylentgreen23

Jodhpur Blue City 6
Photo Judepics

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White Rapper – Bo Yo

I’m Bo Yo the next in nerdy white rappers

Trash Into Art

This amazing artist takes everyday trash and turns them into art.

More Pics Click Thru

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Jeezy Gets Snitched On

Testimony offered yesterday in the federal government’s cocaine-conspiracy case against alleged Black Mafia Family member Fleming “Ill” Daniels revealed a stunning allegation: According to a witness, Atlanta hip-hop superstar Jay “Young Jeezy” Jenkins received kilos of cocaine from BMF.

Jeezy has not been charged with a crime in relation to the allegation. When asked whether there is an open investigation into the rapper, Justice Department spokesman Patrick Crosby said he had no comment.

Scott Leemon, the New York-based lawyer who represented Jeezy on weapons charges out of Miami in 2006, told CL “obviously, I am not going to comment on anything. I will look into it.”

The allegation was raised in U.S. District Court in Atlanta this week by a BMF member named Ralph “Ralphie” Simms. Simms was indicted last year in a related federal drug case in L.A. He told the jury that in exchange for his truthful testimony in the case against Daniels, he hoped to receive a reduced sentence.

Simms testified that his job was to unload BMF’s cocaine from limos outfitted with secret compartments. He said he piled as many as 100 “bricks” of cocaine at a time inside the basement of one of BMF’s stash houses, an ultra-modern Buckhead mansion nicknamed “Space Mountain.” And he said that on one occasion, in the fall of 2004, he was ordered by high-ranking BMF members Chad “J-Bo” Brown and Martez “Tito” Byrth to set aside multi-kilo cocaine “shipments” for two customers. Simms said the customers picked up the coke from him at Space Mountain.

When asked by assistant U.S. Attorney Robert McBurney who the customers were, Simms gave two names: William “Doc” Marshall, a high-level BMF co-conspirator who testified earlier in the trial, and “Jeezy.”

“Young Jeezy the rapper?” McBurney asked.

“Yes,” Simms answered.

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Bentley Green 6 Yr Old Rapper

This six year old rapper pretty much shuts it down on Ellen and his rendition of Dear Mama shames some grown rappers… Get Em Bentley

Bentley On Ellen

Bentley Dear Mama

Scott Stortch A Lesson In Tricking

All I can say is wow.  Complex really put Scott on blast about buying Bentlleys for Lil KIm & Paris Hilton etc. Doing way too much Scott, hopefully one of these starlets will come back and help a brother when he’s down. Or for his sake maybe he has a sex tape of one of these famous ladies he can slang on the open market. His beats were so hot what happened with that as he lost his hit power to the white powder? Check the crazy tricking spree below.
As of today, pint-sized hitmaker Scott Storch is a wanted man. A warrant was issued for the producer who has churned out hits for everyone from Fat Joe to Brooke Hogan after a Florida judge ordered him to pay a minimum of $46,000 in child support. Coupled with Storch owing over a half-million dollars in property taxes, it seems as though his pockets are taking a beating worse than one of Kimbo Slice’s YouTube opponents.

Of course, making it rain on his extensive yacht collection and picking up the Terror Squad’s dinner tabs didn’t help the superproducer’s financial status. But we all know that the biggest suck on your wallet is usually having a girlfriend. And given all the socialites, rappers and models he’s dated, it’s not unreasonable to think that Storch’s financial plight might stem from the high-maintenance women in his life. After the jump, we’ve listed some of the notable ladies he’s been linked to.

Lil Kim
Storch hooked up with the Queen Bee back in 2004 for a quick two-month relationship. It was a costly 60-something days for Scottie, who gave Kim a $150,000 Bentley Continental GT, which may or may not be the Bentley that was reposed from Kim’s crib a few weeks ago. Talk about hustling backwards.

Paris Hilton
Paris has Scott Storch to thank for half of the songs from her nearly unlistenable 2006 album. Like Lil Kim, it was reported that Storch also copped Paris Hilton a Bentley, which is apparently the producer’s gift of choice when he’s trying to smash off.

Erica Mena
Although these two were definitely a couple, there’s no record of what Storch was shelling out to keep video-chick regular/model Erica Mena interested. We’re guessing close to nothing—he probably told her he was gonna make her a famous actress. It’s every video chick’s dream!

Lindsay Lohan
In 2007, Lilo got the extravagant gift treatment from the Floridian hit-maker, getting showered in over $1 million worth of jewelry. The two later split when Lindsay gave him the pink slip for “Girls Gone Wild” purveyor Joe Francis.

Dalene Daniel
This was the closest thing Storch had to a down-ass-chick. The couple lasted for over 4 years, with a few normal bumps in the road, but in 2006 the shit hit the fan when Daniel filed a paternity suit against Storch (which he ignored) after he didn’t claim responsibility for their second son Jalen. Today, a judge ruled Storch has to pay at least $46,000 in back child support for the 2-year-old, issuing a warrant for his arrest.

Amazing Photographs

Found this amazing collection of “25 Unbelievable Pictures” @ geekarmy cherry picked my favorites.

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Ok, Ok hiding in hip hop the book with all the hype. What exactly is Nelly talking about “in the locker room” that seemed highly suspect”

The Bus That Never Comes

A German nursing home ‘the Benrath Senior Centre in Dusseldorf’ has come up with an odd idea to stop Alzheimer’s patients from escaping by building a fake bus stop in front of the facility with no route. Alzheimer’s patients occasionally walk up to the stop and stand there, waiting for a bus, but a bus never comes.

fakebusstop“It sounds funny,” said Old Lions Chairman Franz-Josef Goebel, “but it helps. Our members are 84 years-old on average. Their short-term memory hardly works at all, but the long-term memory is still active. They know the green and yellow bus sign and remember that waiting there means they will go home.” The result is that errant patients now wait for their trip home at the bus stop, before quickly forgetting why they were there in the first place.

“We will approach them and say that the bus is coming later today and invite them in to the home for a coffee,” said Mr Neureither. “Five minutes later they have completely forgotten they wanted to leave.” The idea has proved so successful that it has now been adopted by several other homes across Germany.

Link[via boingboing]

Drank The Anti-Energy Drink

Is this like legal syrup?

There are plenty of strange products out there, and they all need a publicist. This morning, I got in to the office and was greeted by a message from a sleepy- sounding woman calling about Drank “the anti-energy drink we’re calling the extreme relaxation beverage.”

Isn’t that already covered by a little thing called wine? No? This was too good to pass up, so I gave a call back.

Turns out, this is a carbonated, grape-flavored beverage spiked with melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. Apparently it is “very, very popular in Houston,” and it’s sold throughout the south in liquor and convenience stores.

So, does it make you sleepy? I asked the publicist. Yes, and she hears it’s good with vodka.

Full Story

And after the jump a hilarious recital of T-pain’s classic “Buy U A Drank”

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Jay-Z Interview

BY TeV ’95
With the his Heart of the City Tour wrapping up, the Jigga Man sets his sails for Europe where he will be touring this summer. Check out this over 10 minute interview where Jigga speaks about the up and coming tour which he will be doing along with Mark Ronson.

This homeless rapper/singer in Houston looks like he’s been smoking the wrong stuff, missing a few front teeth and such. But he definitely puts his heart into his performance.

Grabbed these @ .mikesacks

1 Can we wrap this up? Id really hate to hit rush hour.

2 Just out of curiosity, how long do you cache visited websites?

3- My work ethic is so strong, its practically Asian.

4- Lets try that again, and this time shake my hand like you’ve got a pair.

5-Would it possible to be paid in cash? Im kind of laying low right now.

6-Do I have any questions? Why, yes I do. What in the hell is this Microsoft Word everyone keeps talking about?

7- You got a bottle opener in that big ol fancy drawer?

8-My last boss hid spy-cameras in the crapper. Look me in the eye and promise you wont do that.

9-I’m just looking to make one last big score before I get out of the game. And I’d love to do that right here at Applebees

10-Sorry, I have to answer this. Could be a job.


Is that a picture of your family? Your wifes uterus must be totally blown out.

If you dont mind me asking, what exactly is it you all do here at NASA?

Wouldnt it be more fun if we conducted this interview on my lap?

R Kelly Sex Allegations!

Saw this massive list of allegations @

R. Kelly is supposed to go on trial in Chicago on child-sex charges next month, more than five years after a videotape came to light of a figure the police say is the singer performing various sex acts with and on an under-aged girl.

Hitsville’s ongoing feature, R. Kelly SexFacts™, has been provided as a public service to the many, many folks who have written about R. Kelly but who seem to have been unaware of many of the, ah, pungent aspects of this story.

Or you can think of it all as R. Kelly’s Greatest Hits—”hits,” that is, in the sexual predator sense of the term.

Now it’s time to wrap up, and present the story thus far.

N.B.: this is a compelling tale, but a little bit barfy as well.

And remember, kids: R. Kelly SexFacts”™ are based entirely on reporting in reputable publications!

r. kelly mug shot

The R. Kelly case started when Jim DeRogatis, the pop critic at the Chicago Sun-Times, and Abdon M. Pallasch, the paper’s legal reporter, wrote a 3000-word story detailing the Chicago star’s penchant for young girls. It was published way back in December 2000—the day before a sold-out Christmas concert by the singer at the city’s United Center!

r. kelly mug shot

The story detailed the first sex suit against Kelly, including the $250,000 out-of-court settlement that resulted. The pair also talked with a woman who said she’d had sex with Kelly as a 15-year-old, and even had sex with him and another girl. Accusations #’s 1 and 2!

r. kelly mug shot

According to the story, Kelly met the girls by hanging out with the choir at his old high school, the scamp!

r. kelly mug shot

A year later, DeRogatis received a phone call telling him to check his mailbox. In it was a videotape showing Kelly having sex with a young girl. The girl’s aunt identified her, and Kelly. In the tape, the singer called her by her first name; she called him “Daddy.” Accusation #3.

r. kelly mug shot

Besides a variety of sex acts, the girl urinates on the floor at “Daddy’s” direction. “Daddy” then urinates into her mouth.

r. kelly mug shot

After the tapes came to light, Kelly’s lawyer said this: “The fact is there is no tape of R. Kelly having sex. There have been reports in the media of different tapes, and none of them agrees with the other. If someone does say there is a tape out there, those claims are false—absolutely false.”
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