Paparazzi be on alert some celebs just arent taking it anymore they are fighting back, Some expensive equipment gets trashed.

Thoughts on the VMA’s

BY TeV ’95

Last night VMA was sub par. Can someone tell me who this Tokyo band is? I must be getting old.

I honestly think that somehow some way, Britney Spears management and/or label paid someone at MTV off. Honestly, this chick was a train wreck last year and her videos sucked. Now all of a sudden, she was in all the VMA commercials, had a buzz of a suprise performance, and then goes on to win all these awards. Are you kidding me? Not even Britney herself believed it. She got up there and was like “Ummmm thanks”.

Alright thats enough. I cant believe I’m blogging about Britney. The highlight of the night was Kanye West’s performance. This dude is constantly putting out cutting edge material. I’ll admit sometime his style is kind of gay, but real recognize real and Kanye has been consistently dropping the truth. All his latest material is something sounding new; “Swagger Like Us”, “Jockin Jay-Z”, and now this new banger he droped out of now where “Love Lockdown”.

This is probably off Kanye’s new album set to drop early winter. I am not a big fan of the T-Pain auto-tune but somehow he pulls this off very well. This guy is changing the game before our eyes.

Sony Pictures is leaving South Korea because of sluggish sales and rampant piracy, The Korea Times is reporting this week. Sony isn’t the first studio to abandon the Korean market; according to the Times, Paramount, Universal, Buena Vista and 20th Century Fox have all ceased operations there, meaning there is no longer a major Hollywood studio operating in South Korea.

Korean DVD sales have been in a free fall in recent years. The newspaper quotes estimates for 2008 of some $285 million vs. $673 million in 2002. At the same time, blazing fast broadband is ubiquitous. The country’s average broadband penetration rate by household hit 90.1 percent last year; in Seoul, the rate was 107.8 percent. Korea’s broadband revolution is often touted as a sign of things to come for the rest of the world, but is the same true for the death of its DVD market?

There’s no question that film-swapping broadband users are behind at least some of the industry’s woes in Korea. In a recent survey, almost 50 percent of Korea’s Internet users have admitted to downloading movies from the Internet, and the typical user is downloading about a movie a week. Copyright isn’t even an issue with the folks that haven’t been getting their Hollywood blockbusters online. Instead, they simply deemed downloading as too complicated.

The slump of DVD sales numbers has also taken its toll on DVD rental stores. The Korea Times is reporting that there were 10,000 of these Blockbuster-type stores back in 2001, but the number was down to 3,500 at the end of last year. Finally, box office sales have been slightly down in 2007 as well, but some attribute this to the changing box office landscape rather than to piracy.

This video is pretty funny and very biased.

I wonder who pays for this stuff. With the amazing marketing that Obama has created for his campaign I wouldn’t be surprised that his camp had something to do with this and the Obama Girl viral videos, either directly or indirectly.

Check it out its pretty hilarious.

Saw it first on Frank 151

Serena Williams In Mens Fitness

Serena keep’s it real “I have large boobs and a sizable a**, so I guess the title comes with the territory. But I just play tennis. I always try to look my best, even though it’s hard to look your best when you’re sweating, grunting, and making faces. I never look my best when playing.”

More Pics and interview click thru

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Bone Thug Reaity Show

My homefolks Freeman White and loc media are producing this reality show abot the return of Bone Thugs & Harmony. First episode the release of Flesh N Bone after 8 yrs locked up.

Funny Rick Ross Posters

The clowning continues as the blogsophere takes shots at Rick Ross the rapper. Not to be confused with LA heavyweight the real Rick Ross.

More Lieing Ass Rappers

Ok kids take note all your favorite rappers who tell story after story of alll the Kilo’s they moved etc are all lieing!! Case in point ex correctional officer Rick Ross

Via TheSmokingGun:

Apparently desperate to distance himself from any affiliation with law enforcement, the rapper Rick Ross has recently denounced as fake photos purporting to show him in a former career as a Florida prison guard. But Department of Corrections (DoC) records show that Ross, whose raps detail the Miami gangster lifestyle and his supposed days trafficking cocaine, did, in fact, work as a correctional officer for 18 months. Ross (real name: William Leonard Roberts) was appointed a prison guard in December 1995 at a salary of $22,913.54, according to the below personnel record, which was provided to TSG by Jo Ellyn Rackleff, a DoC spokesperson. The rapper’s social security number is identical to that of the jail guard. According to the official document, Ross was earning $25,794.34 when he left the department in June 1997. After graduating from the DoC training academy, Ross was assigned to the South Florida Reception Center in Dade County (the lockup is one of three statewide that serves as an intake facility for new prisoners). To peep the paper trial of proof and see the video of Ross denying the pictures and his past of working for the law Read the rest of this entry »

Horny Newscasters

Next Thing In Art – Bua

By Coke

Many years ago I was in Old Town Pasadena in a small art botique when I stumbled acroos my first Bua. It was the “Pianoman”. I was amazed by the very unique, bluessy, yet modern urban persective his paiting detailed. At the time I decided not to buy the painting. Almost as soon as I left, I regreted not buying it. I went back a couple days later and it was gone. It haunted me.

Years later I was in Tornoto shooting a movie and stumbled across a shop that had four different Bua prints. I wasnt slipping this time, I immediately whipped out my loonies and toonies, (Canadian money) and bought them all. In short order I shipped them back home and til this day they adorn my living room walls. Check out some of his pieces below. For more info and images check out his site at

Out here in Cali one time is cracking down on the new hands free cell phone law, hence this new invention.

Inventor Cary Sperry has an answer for California drivers who can no longer make or take calls now that its illegal to use a hand-held cellphone while driving.

When I heard the news, I thought: ˜Gas is expensive, Bluetooth is expensive, lots of folks have to do business on the phone while theyre sitting in traffic  what would I do if I had a job? Sperry told reporters, who gathered outside the storage space currently serving as home to his unnamed start-up company, as well as him and his seventeen cats.

Sperrys patent-pending innovation features jaw-strap technology that turns your existing cellphone into a hands-free device  simply by taping it to your head.

I created this not so much to help my fellow man as to hopefully make a shitload of money for me, Sperry told reporters.

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Hip Hop and the V Neck?

By Coke

I bet you thought those were two words you’d never hear together. Me neither. But after going out the other night I realized that a new trend has arisen to accompany the already unforseeable trend of the yeast infection jeans. The V Neck. I was shocked to see regular “macho” (I use that term losely) dudes, trying to look tough in a V Neck. My homey Che Skizza, in almost Nostradamus fashion had predicted this alarming trend years ago, with classic rap lines sich as, “thats not a shirt, its a blouse” and so on and so forth. Now, me myself, I happen to be the type of brotha that keeps an extra collection of T-shirts, to wear under my T-shirts, to insure no part of my neckline is showing at any time. Because where I come from shirts with plunging necklines for men were a definate no no. They don’t look good with khaki’s. To all of my brothas out their, lets get our masculinity back, before it’s too late. The tight jeans, flashy belt buckles and exposed chest should be left to the ladies.

Editors Note- The Bros Johnson started this man!

For A Douchebag V-Neck Gallery Click Thru

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By Coke

I don’t understand my people sometimes. I’ve read a lot of the black socially-political blogs lately. And I see a lot of black people angry with, (or hating on, depending on how you look at it) Obama, because of the comments he made on Fathers Day regarding black fathers. Now prior to this a lot of these same folks criticized Obama for not addressing the “black issues”. I once heard a preacher in church say, “if you cant say amen, say ouch!” Now, being a very present, black father (no baby daddy) myself, from the “hood” and a the product of a absentee father who I didn’t even meet until I was ten, I can tell you first hand absent black fathers is a HUGE problem in our community. It along with gang violence, drugs, racist cops and a biased judicial system, are to blame for the many disenfranchised young men we see hanging on corners, as well as the ones we hear in rap music spitting such non sense.
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Real Roots Of G-Funk (Shocking)

This is really funny after u get past the super gay (no homo) intro. This fictional tale of Michael McDonald & Warren G and Dr. Dre is f@ckin hilarious! The gay looking Nate Dogg character had us crying!


By Coke

Editors Note -This is funny but I would bet my last dollar Cube won’t ever be wearing any dress’s or fat suits in movies.

Grabbed this amazing article at weburbanist

Light graffiti, also known as light painting, takes what you think you know about graffiti and turns it on its head. This ephemeral approach to art and expression uses the movement of light to create incredible images and is created on the streets, in nature, and in studios by artists whose creative impulses transcend traditional media. Unlike projection bombing, light graffiti is sometimes produced as performance art, and sometimes just to capture it with photography and video, but either way it makes for some incredible viewing. These ten artists producing light graffiti and light painting represent some of the most amazing talent in a growing (and increasingly strange) field of art.

Michael Bosanko

Much More Graffiti Light Click Thru

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Funniest Kung Fu Auditions Ever

This is really funny, I guarantee lots of laughter.


The quote below run’s on Ms Joy’s Youtube page.

In Lesson 1 of Our Sex 101 with Instructor Ms.Joy Daily we learn how many guys a girl has to be sleep with to be considered as a ho. She breaks down what a ho really is and how important the number of men a girl has sex with is. Email your sex questions for Mrs. Joy Daily at

Got it @ realtalkny

Stay The F#ck Outta Oniontown

Two teenagers who drove to Oniontown after a series of YouTube videos portrayed the hamlet as a run-down, backwoods dump were pelted with rocks by an angry group of young residents, authorities said.

The two 17-year-olds from Mahopac, about 30 miles south of Oniontown, suffered head and face injuries.

Troopers arrested a 17-year-old from Oniontown on Thursday and charged him with criminal mischief. Additional arrests were expected, police said.

State police investigator Eric Schaefer said it wasn’t the first time out-of-towners were attacked by local residents.

“The biggest recommendation at this point is for everybody to stay out of there,” Schaefer said. “Anybody that doesn’t belong there, anybody that’s not a resident, just stay out of Oniontown.”

In one YouTube video posted in May called “Oniontown Adventures,” three boys with foul mouths supposedly drive up to the town. While there, they mock the poverty they find — giggling at the garbage strewn along the streets and the abandoned cars in the front yards of trailer parks.

In other videos cops warn youngsters not to go there.

video below