Black Cinema Stamps

By Coke

Vintage movie posters highlighting various facets of the African-American cultural experience as represented in early film return on postage when the U.S. Postal Service issues the Vintage Black Cinema stamps. The 42-cent commemorative First-Class stamps will be dedicated today at the Newark, NJ, Museum during the Black Film Festival and will go on sale nationwide. The stamps represent movie posters of the films “The Sport of the Gods,” “Black and Tan,” “Caldonia,” “Princess Tam-Tam,” and “Hallelujah.”

Guido Beach Madness

I’m speechless, hard to believe this reality exists. A must see New Jersy Guido Madness


More Lieing Ass Rappers

Ok kids take note all your favorite rappers who tell story after story of alll the Kilo’s they moved etc are all lieing!! Case in point ex correctional officer Rick Ross

Via TheSmokingGun:

Apparently desperate to distance himself from any affiliation with law enforcement, the rapper Rick Ross has recently denounced as fake photos purporting to show him in a former career as a Florida prison guard. But Department of Corrections (DoC) records show that Ross, whose raps detail the Miami gangster lifestyle and his supposed days trafficking cocaine, did, in fact, work as a correctional officer for 18 months. Ross (real name: William Leonard Roberts) was appointed a prison guard in December 1995 at a salary of $22,913.54, according to the below personnel record, which was provided to TSG by Jo Ellyn Rackleff, a DoC spokesperson. The rapper’s social security number is identical to that of the jail guard. According to the official document, Ross was earning $25,794.34 when he left the department in June 1997. After graduating from the DoC training academy, Ross was assigned to the South Florida Reception Center in Dade County (the lockup is one of three statewide that serves as an intake facility for new prisoners). To peep the paper trial of proof and see the video of Ross denying the pictures and his past of working for the law Read the rest of this entry »

Horny Newscasters

Cow Shit Cop

So this cop’s whole job is busting mushroom hunters in cow fields! But the best part is the cop’s name is “Buzz” Baker. I couldn’t make this shit up!

Out here in Cali one time is cracking down on the new hands free cell phone law, hence this new invention.

Inventor Cary Sperry has an answer for California drivers who can no longer make or take calls now that its illegal to use a hand-held cellphone while driving.

When I heard the news, I thought: ˜Gas is expensive, Bluetooth is expensive, lots of folks have to do business on the phone while theyre sitting in traffic  what would I do if I had a job? Sperry told reporters, who gathered outside the storage space currently serving as home to his unnamed start-up company, as well as him and his seventeen cats.

Sperrys patent-pending innovation features jaw-strap technology that turns your existing cellphone into a hands-free device  simply by taping it to your head.

I created this not so much to help my fellow man as to hopefully make a shitload of money for me, Sperry told reporters.

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Hip Hop and the V Neck?

By Coke

I bet you thought those were two words you’d never hear together. Me neither. But after going out the other night I realized that a new trend has arisen to accompany the already unforseeable trend of the yeast infection jeans. The V Neck. I was shocked to see regular “macho” (I use that term losely) dudes, trying to look tough in a V Neck. My homey Che Skizza, in almost Nostradamus fashion had predicted this alarming trend years ago, with classic rap lines sich as, “thats not a shirt, its a blouse” and so on and so forth. Now, me myself, I happen to be the type of brotha that keeps an extra collection of T-shirts, to wear under my T-shirts, to insure no part of my neckline is showing at any time. Because where I come from shirts with plunging necklines for men were a definate no no. They don’t look good with khaki’s. To all of my brothas out their, lets get our masculinity back, before it’s too late. The tight jeans, flashy belt buckles and exposed chest should be left to the ladies.

Editors Note- The Bros Johnson started this man!

For A Douchebag V-Neck Gallery Click Thru

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Game Cry’s for Hip Hop

Rappers crying seems to be the new phenomenon I’m not sure what to say. I feel everything the game is saying but it seems real ironic coming from him, then when he starts balling about it I mean damn. If you hadn’t acted  so hard before like you slap babies and spit on your Grandma I’d have more sympathy. The vid is a must watch, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

Bizzarest Houses Ever!




More Houses Click Thru

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Behind The Scenes Nas Sly Fox Video

Behind the scenes of Nas “Sly Fox” video. Love this, Nas please show the world how toxic “Fox News” is.

Big Up’s to missinfo

For schooling cats to the culture content @ Current

This clip is Legendary photographer Martha Cooper speaks on her experiences and coverage of the birth of the Graffiti, B-boying, and Hip Hop culture during the 70’s in New York City.

Some of her Pic’s

More Of her Flix Click thru

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Ft. Julian Casablancas & Santogold . I grabbed this and Tocarra Vogue Italia from this is thisis50 50 cents new website.

I’m definitely impressed with the content coming from 50′s website  big shout out to Chris Lighty & Sha Money for checking out Next Thing.

Graffiti Snails

A London artist, known only as Slinkachu, has used these snail shells for a series of designs dubbed ‘Inner City Snail – a slow-moving street art project’.

More Graffiti snails @ metro

Grabbed this amazing article at weburbanist

Light graffiti, also known as light painting, takes what you think you know about graffiti and turns it on its head. This ephemeral approach to art and expression uses the movement of light to create incredible images and is created on the streets, in nature, and in studios by artists whose creative impulses transcend traditional media. Unlike projection bombing, light graffiti is sometimes produced as performance art, and sometimes just to capture it with photography and video, but either way it makes for some incredible viewing. These ten artists producing light graffiti and light painting represent some of the most amazing talent in a growing (and increasingly strange) field of art.

Michael Bosanko

Much More Graffiti Light Click Thru

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Sexy Anime Files

A new feature here at Next Thing the Sexy Anime Files features  some of that good old freaky anime art for the erotic art connoisseurs and pervs out there.

More Kinky Anime Pic’s Click Thru

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BY TeV ’95

Lets face it, most people are not buying music anymore. Why? It’s simple. Why would you buy something that you can get for free. In other words why would a fan buy an artists record when they can simply download it from the thousands of bloggers that are sharing music via file sharing sites. This an issue that the Music Industry needs to face, point blank.

While artists and record companies complain about the their fans disloyalty to the artist, they are failing to adapt to a new era of music consumption. It is beneficial for an artist or record labels to have as much exposure as possible. Yet Some still fail to see the value of having their music pirated or given away for free.

It may even be true that there is a positive correlation between illegal downloads/free give-aways and higher records sales.

Let’s take the example of Lil Wayne. Over the past few years, Wayne has been releasing an unprecedented amount of material which has either been given away for free, or illegally pirated via the internet and mix-tapes. His latest album release the Carter III, was leaked all over the internet, yet sold over a million copies in its first week release. The question is why? It is possible that the pirating of his music served as a marketing tool?
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Old White Lady Buys Death Row

According to Suge Knight’s former legendary hip-hop label, Death Row Records, was auctioned and sold on Wednesday for $24 million.A beautician and the president of Global Music Group Susan Berg won the bid putting her in control of all the recordings by Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre during their stay at the label. In addition, her purchase also includes an additional 20 unreleased Tupac tracks. Can someone say “new CD.” Don’t think Afini Shakur will have much say so in this matter.

The purchase ends the infamous label’s tenure from the early to mid-90′s after former owner Suge Knight was forced by a bankruptcy court judge to auction all assets to the highest bidder a few months back.

Prior to Berg’s purchase, Warner Music Group and Koch Records had also shown interest in buying the label’s music catalog.

Newest Ice T/Soulja Boy Video

4 Amazing Ancient Cities

This stuff is from an incredible article @ lifeinthefastlane

Popularly known by their names of color as much as their historical designations — the ancient Blue City known as Jodhpur, neighboring Jaipur known as the Pink City, its former capital the Amber City, and Morocco’s Red City of Marrakech — are as much astonishingly beautiful as they are remarkably unusual.

Jodhpur Blue City 1
Photo Dietollevonlioe

Jodhpur — known as the Blue City for the color of its buildings — is the second largest city in Rajasthan, the largest state of the Republic of India, standing at the edge of the large, inhospitable Great Indian Desert (Thar Desert), which has an edge paralleling the Sutlej-Indus river valley along its border with Pakistan.

Jodhpur Blue City 12
Photo Eviltonthai

Most of the buildings in the old quarter are painted blue to signify the Bhraman (Priest) class, but non-Brahmins soon followed suit, as the color was said to deflect the heat and deter mosquitoes, and suddenly everything turned blue, creating a broad vision of indigo from the hilltops.

Dominated by the monstrous and imposing Mehrangarh Fort that appears to grow from out of a sheer rocky ridge 410 feet (125 meters) high of which the Fort is built of right in the middle of town, the ancient city is surrounded by a 16 mile (10 kilometer) long wall, which has 6 massive gates — the Eastern gate Suraj (Sun) Pol, Western gate of Chand (Moon) Pol, Nagauri gate, Merati gate, Jalori gate, and the Siwanchi gate.

Jodhpur Blue City 7
Photo Travayegeur

There are only 3 gates facing in these directions, including the Northern gate which faces toward the ancestral capital of Amber, while many gates face South, and all used to be closed at sunset and opened at sunrise.

The walls of the fort are up to 120 feet (36 meters) high and 70 feet (21 meters) wide, enclosing some exquisite structures and collections of palanquins, howdahs, royal cradles, miniatures, musical instruments, costumes and furniture. The ramparts of Mehrangarh Fort provide not only remarkably preserved cannons, but a breath-taking view of the city.

Jodhpur Blue City 2
Photo Roblerner

This was the way that the Rajputs built their formidable forts and to good effect, as Mehrangarh Fort was never successfully stormed, but the 6 gates still bear visible scars of battle.

The fort was built about a century after Jodhpur was founded in 1459 by the Rajpur chief Rao Jodha, for whom the city is named after.

The old quarter is contained within the confines of the fort, with mostly winding, narrow passages and alleys impossibly cramped with street vendors, shops, bazaars, rickshaws, bicycles, bustling people and animals of all shapes and sizes. The present city has expanded from outside of its walls.

Jodhpur Blue City 3
Photo Soylentgreen23

Jodhpur Blue City 4
Photo 4ocima

Jodhpur Blue City 5
Photo Soylentgreen23

Jodhpur Blue City 6
Photo Judepics

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