Many may have already heard the Mosdub project by Max Tannone because it has made the rounds at many prestigious and cool blogs. We decided to do a short Q&A with Max the creator who is following up on the huge success of his Jaydiohead project (a Jay-Z & Radiohead remix album). I highly recommend going to his website and downloading yourself a free copy!

Next Thing: You got a huge internet buzz from the Jaydiohead (Jay-Z & Radiohead) remix album did u expect the reaction to be so strong?

Max Tannone: Not at all. Jaydiohead was a personal project made for fun. The fact that others enjoyed it so much definitely came as a surprise.

Next Thing: How long have you been doing music, are you also doing original productions?

Max Tannone: For the past 8 years or so. For most of that time I worked on making beats, whether sampled or original compositions. I spent a lot of time trying to get beats on major label projects, for rappers, but it was really frustrating. The remixing is a fun outlet – I still get to work on creating tracks, while already having vocals to experiment with. I posted up some random original tracks I did here –>
Also, track 7 (“Too Many Rappers [Max Tannone remix]“) on my Beastie Boys project “Doublecheck Your Head” is a non-sampled track I made.

Next Thing: The Mosdub record is great what inspired it?

Max Tannone: Thanks, glad you are enjoying it. I got heavily into dub reggae music – mostly older stuff. Listening to these great tunes was my inspiration. Sometimes I hear stuff and I want to re-interpret it into a hip-hop context. I chose to use Mos Def because I’m a big fan of his, and because his lyrics are often very political and socially conscious, which is a good fit over dub and reggae tunes.

Next Thing: Whats next?

Max Tannone: I don’t know yet. I’m working on some stuff but its still in the early stages. I had a lot of fun with Mos Dub, so I don’t know if I’m finished with dub yet! I’m always listening for ideas, so we’ll see..

Max Tannone

Mos Dub – 01 – Johnny Too Beef by Max Tannone