It’s pretty much moving towards the day where the release of albums will no longer be a concern but rather a pastime until a mixtape will be dropped. Or is it already here? We’ve seen how Weezys mixtapes  wound him up to accomplish the a Mili if ever so dreamed of. Drake’s new mixtape So Far So Gone he’s setting himself up for a future so bright, so soon. With all the tracks he’s gracing his presence with on If Drake continues to release more mixtapes in the future I’ll get the impression he’s replicating Weezys a Mili game plan. Initially I wanted to call him Wayne’s protégé but further read through Hip Tics where his linkage to Weezy MIGHT be found. There’s just a tad bit of Wayne bashing going on over there so I’m not so sure how accurate those sources are. You know how blogging is these days, it’s the new form of media where EVERYONE swears they know the REAL story.

In other news, I’m not sure if it’s because Drake is an emerging artist with motivational lyrics like the underdog of a boxing match that makes him standout, or if it’s he’s just got pure talent. This weekend I decided to listen to his new mixtape where he teamed up with Lloyd, Wayne, Trey Songs, and other talented artist to deliver his very own presentation. Without giving away too many details of Drake’s momentous mixtape, it’s the type of mixtape that makes you want to instantly start working towards whatever hustle or endeavors one has in life. Through the mic, mpc speakers, headphones of your ipod, speakers of your Mac, or car you can hear and feel the intense passion in his voice. Unapologetically speaking words to listeners without a worry of how they will be interpreted it’s something worth listening to until he releases his next installment.

As for his top tracks, I caught myself losing it when I got to #8 with Lykke Li who’s currently on tour traveling to a city near you. Awe he brought hip hop into her musical sound. In addition there is an alternative sound under the track “Let’s Call it Off” with Peter Bjorn & John. One thing Drake is good at is addressing the females and you can catch that under “The best I ever had” and “A Night  Off”. Other than that he touches on the topics of money, clothes, cars, and success which might seem like the usual topics in hip hop. The only difference is in this mixtape it’s done in a tasteful and desirable manner that one does not have to look down on.  Some of you might remember his popular “Brand New” slow tempo tune with Weezy, which is actually listed as the last track on this mixtape. Its delicate sound gives reminder to Usher’s “Can You Handle It” (listen here) it’s one of those tracks that you love and want everyone to hear, but you don’t want them to actually have their own access to it. You sort of just want them to ask, “Who is that who is that?” It’s a thing about being the only one to discover a really good artist or song. Anyhow check out Drake’s new mixtape, So Far So Gone here