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Teen Comedy

1) Only submit 2 or 3 songs maximum for any one cue. (only mp3′s)
2) Songs must be clearly identified as to what cue it is being submitted for
3) Must Have Meta Data on MP3′s filled out
4) If submitting for more then 2 cues pls only send zipped folders via or
5) We will let YOU know if any of your material is being considered, pls don’t ask us!!

Send to

Below are the Cue’s and brief descriptions explaining what we are looking for pls don’t submit anything if you don’t have something that makes sense.


I’m working on a indi film “High School”
Have 3 slots left need to fill.


Main Titles- $5,000 ALL IN – These songs worked but we couldn’t clear

Skateboard Stunt- $2,500 ALL IN – Fun, High energy, needs to build

End Titles – $5,000 ALL IN – The Good Guy’s win! Great energy!Epic sounding – Needs to be a great song!!



Hi I am submitting songs for  an action film currently they have these 2
songs temped in I’m Not Afraid by Eminem and OK ya Alright by 50 Cent (they
can’t afford these songs). So I’m Looking for MC’s to record songs that have
a similar vibe to submit for film. I put links to some of our beats below if
u can record your own vocals and want to try and make a record that has a
similar vibe to the temp track LMK.


Paul Stewart


50 Cent

Amazing story on Talibs twitter about tracking down his stolen laptop from a Melbourne Australia dressing room, below a screen grab to some of the best tweets when he gets his computer back beats dealing with the cops!! Catch it all here

The douche to the left is the guy who will forever be the clown who tried to steal Talibs Labtop.



Can Comics Save The Music Industry?


Not sure if comics are the answer but if done in an organic way it could be a really cool union. Shawna Gore, an editor from Dark Horse Comics who published The Umbrella Academy from  My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way is quoted below

. “It was a bridge between pop music and comics.”

That bridge has become more apparent in 2010 with two significant album releases set to feature graphic novel tie-ins. In pop culture terms, the timing seems right, with music fans still craving big aesthetic experiences in spite of the downsizing of the music industry.

Spotted @

Full article at the Fincial Times

Examining the 360 Deal


Some info on 360 deals from two different attorneys with two very different views on them. First up Bob Connely whose article was printed in old school music hanger on Billboard who it appears is trying to hang on to some relevance by getting edgy with this not typical article that goes against the music industry status quo. “Why Artists Should Do A 180 On “360″ Deals” Quoting Bob “The 360 deals that I’ve reviewed require the artist to relinquish between 5% and 50% of revenues from sources other than record sale” Bob sums it up “I genuinely believe that this is an especially propitious moment for artists to take control of their own destinies. And I expect record companies, who have always been the artist’s partner in record sales, to remain an important part of the equation, but not at the artist’s expense. Record companies say that they are seeking 360 rights because they are making a significant investment in the careers of the artists. If they mean it, they should put it into the contract.”

Bob’s article


An unnamed atty writing into Music industry guru Bob gives a different but realistic view of a 360 deal gone wrong “I’m reminded of an incident that happened about two years ago, when a young singer hired a veteran music lawyer to negotiate the singer’s deal with a very powerful major – that lawyer had never actually been involved with a “360 deal” negotiation – and when he saw the terms, he killed the deal with much bluster and fanfare but assured his client that he would find a better deal that didn’t require “360″ provisions.  He didn’t.”

Of course each situation is unique but typically the “360 Deal” is a tough pill to swallow. Many artists might have more success on their own or dealing with indi labels. Lefsetz thinks any artists whose success isn’t based on terrestrial radio and makes pop music is out of their mind to do one of these deals. It certainly leaves a lot of hands in the cookie jar with agents, mgr’s, bus mgrs. etc dipping into the artists cut.

Another very informative article on 360 deals from Atty C Stephan weaver can be found @ musicrowlawyer

Marijuana Inc

Full length doc about the California big business Marijuana trade.

Facebook Backing Dowm


Via streetknowledge

Facebook’s efforts to build a business model around its online social network have hit another roadblock, as a backlash by its users forced the company to reverse a new policy.

The dispute involves changes that Facebook had made to its terms of service agreement. Some critics said the changes appeared to give the company a perpetual right to content that users post on the network.

People Against the new Terms of Service, a Facebook group created to oppose the changes, counted more than 88,000 users on Wednesday.

The about-face by Facebook underscores the sensitivity that many consumers have about their personal data, even on sites where they freely share information about their lives with online friends.

And it reflects the challenges facing Facebook as it seeks to squeeze money out of its network of 175 million users and to offset the costs of its rapid growth.

Facebook is quickly burning through its initial funding, said Sanford Bernstein analyst Jeffrey Lindsay. Among other things, the social network needs to pay for the computers and equipment that host its online service around the world.

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BY TeV ’95
Terry Childs is a 43 year old computer network administrator in Pittsburgh. After recently being disciplined at his job for reasons unknown, Childs hijacked and hacked a multi-million dollar San Fransisco website. This website has sensitive information and apparently Childs is holding the password for ransom. He is already in jail and still wont give up the password!

This is pretty gangster. Read the full story here Hacked By Racists?

BY TeV ’95

This is pretty crazy. had to shut down the whole site and when they went back up it got hacked again. Peep the story at Grandgood.

Webby Award Wrap Up’s

Ford Takes A Big Hit!

Ford Motor Company is recalling more than 655,000 Ford F-150’s and Lincoln Mark LT pickup trucks to correct a hose that could affect the vehicles’ braking power and possibly lead to accidents. The automaker is issuing the recall of 2005-2006 versions of the trucks with 5.4 liter 3-valve engines. This information was made public on Wednesday on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood says more than 600,000 of the trucks are in the United States, 50,000 are in Canada, and 1,500 are in other countries elsewhere in the world. Ford reports that there have been 11 minor accidents and no injuries tied to the issue. Dealers will replace the hose at no charge to consumers. Owners are expected to be notified in late June, and the recall is expected to begin in July.

Tips on pumping gas

BY TeV ’95
I received an interesting email that I would like to share with everyone. Please take a moment to read and repost!

TIPS ON PUMPING GAS (forwarded by Frieda B.)

I don’t know what you guys are paying for gasoline…. but here in California we are also paying higher, up to $3.50 per gallon. But my line of work is in petroleum for about 31 years now, so here are some tricks to get more of your money’s worth for every gallon..

Only buy or fill up your car or truck in the early morning when the ground temperature is still cold. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks buried below ground. The colder the ground the more dense the gasoline, when it gets warmer gasoline expands, so buying in the afternoon or in the evening….your gallon is not exactly a gallon. In the petroleum business, the specific gravity and the temperature of the gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, ethanol and other petroleum products plays an important role.

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Rap Video Model to Director!

Aracely Ortiz, a.k.a. Chelly, is a good person to talk to if one wants to learn about L.A.’s body art scene, (check our stories covering this Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 ) low-riders, hardcore gangsta rap and more. As someone who has been pieced by graffiti artist Mig 1, represented South Side Car Club and featured in music videos with Snoop Dog, Two $hort and others, Chelly is an appropriate spokesperson for L.A.’s underground and mainstream hip-hop scene.

Svelte with chocolate brown skin, Chelly is attractive enough to be in front of the camera, dancing alongside rap stars. But it’s her work behind the camera which is more interesting.

Chelly is co-founder/director/writer/producer for independent media L.A. production group, LIVEONCAMERA LOC MEDIA. Her recent work on Hood of the Dead showcases some of Los Angeles’s new media potential. Featuring protagonist Billy Broham, reporter of “HOOD NEWS”, alive on the scene, Hood of the Dead is a kitschy satire that portrays a cross-pollination of zombie movies and the 1992 channel-wide, days-long riots coverage that has settled into the subconscious of today’s Angeleno filmmakers. With “government agents” having

“[…] supplied bio-agent contaminated crack to South Central Los Angeles”, things seem pretty bleak as cannibal crackheads spread a worldwide pandemic. ChellyCorDonSMALLJSW08-04-16Regardless, Billy keeps his cool as mayhem unfolds. With deadpan humor, kooky sound effects, lots of cheap blood and good parody, H.O.D. is an example of grassroots film making that is growing right under Hollywood’s hill-top nose.HODTotalCrewSW08-16-04

Chelly, alongside sister Rosa Ortiz, have also documented El Dia de Los Muertos celebrations at La Placita Olvera (Olvera Street), the 1st annual World African Martial Arts Conference in Detroit, a hemp festival and hardcore gangsta—clarification: not poseurs, but real gangsters from actual gangs–rappers. With another work in pre-production, Double Duty, LOC MEDIA is keeping busy. With a mixed Latino and African American production team and coverage, LOC MEDIA is also having two supposedly divided groups collaborating during a time when there is a mainstream media spectacle of racial hatred and violence between black and brown. As such, Chelly and LOC MEDIA are dispelling stereotypes through team work while creating some local L.A.-based films.

The following is an interview with Chelly herself:

TaggedMijaSMALLSW08-04-16SW: What types of roles have you performed during pre and post-production with LOC Media?

Chelly: I have done everything for Loc Media. My sister and I are the founders of this company. Hollywood refers to us as predators. As producers, directors and editors, we do everything from writing scripts, producing, directing and editing our own independent projects.

SW: What are some Hollywood names readers might recognize that have worked with and for LOC Media?

Chelly: We have worked with Too $hort, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, QD3, Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, Lisa Raye, Ray Lewis, Danny Trejo, Dead Prez, Julio G, Young Roscoe, Eastwood, Reyes Brothers, Bishop Don Magic Juan, and many [other] independent artists.


SW: As a worker for independent media in Los Angeles, do you sometimes feel alienated or inferior to the nearby Hollywood system?

Chelly: No, I don’t feel alienated or inferior to the Hollywood system. I produce content that an audience just like me likes to see. I think as an independent media group, we might not have Hollywood budgets but the good thing about being independent is that we don’t have people telling us what we can or can’t do. It’s better when you have full control of your project. If anything, when I go onto real Hollywood Sets, the only thing I trip out on is that it’s 98% white people on the set. Where are all my people at?

SW: You have worked alongside Magic Don Juan, Snoop Dogg, Too $hort and other rappers. How have these performers, whose lyrics often portray pimping and the demeaning of women, received you and how do you feel about their messages and lyrics?

Chelly: As female directors and camera operators, rappers are always stunned to see my sister and I leading the productions. LOC media is not the norm of what rappers usually expect. They are used to seeing men directing and behind the camera. So, when we show up, it’s weird for them at first, but when they see us in action, they love working with us. They admire our work ethic and knowledge along with the positive energy we bring. They always complement hard working women, even more so because the
RosaChellyDJSW08-16-04women they are around seem to be all about what they rap about. As far as how I feel about their messages and lyrics; I’ve been listening to gangsta rap since the 5th grade and]it’s been a huge part of my life. Rappers are just telling stories of how it is. Yeah it’s demeaning to women, but at the same time, there really are woman who act like how these rappers are portraying them to be. I don’t think women should act like that, but they do, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing when rappers rap about it.

SW: You recently lived in the Bay Area for some time. What brought you back to Los Angeles?

Chelly: Como dice el homie Tu Pac: “To live and die in LA is the place to be”. I came back to LA to learn more about multi media. I can’t afford school so I got hands on training at independent studios and Inglewood Adult School. After two years of learning the basics, my sister and I started to work


for independent directors and independent studios [that include] A FREEWORLD Productions, and Journey Entertainment—two independent companies that were started by people who have worked in Hollywood who also felt that they needed to produce shows. So far it’s been hard work, long hours and hella grinding, but we are working with a great team of people.

SW: Two of the documentary works which you have worked on are coverage of El Dia de Los Muertos in downtown LA at la placita olvera and the 1st Annual World African Martial Arts Conference in Detroit. As someone who also continuously works with blacks and Latinos on other projects and as a Mexican-American woman yourself, do you feel that recently portrayed tensions between Latinos and Blacks are valid and, if so, do you see your work as creating some type of vision for solidarity?


Chelly: I don’t think most of what the mainstream media says is valid. Don’t believe the hype. I never experienced or thought about racism until I left LA and met people that were not from California. There are so many different types of people whom I grew up with and race was never an issue for me. Really, I think it’s only an issue if you’re a part of the jail system or if you live in Middle America. All of the events we have covered recently which have been in neighborhoods that are considered to have tension between Latinos and Blacks such as East LA, Canoga Park, South Central, Los Angeles etc. have been about the music, art, and culture and race has never been an issue. There is no violence everyone, gets along. A professor that taught us media is African American and the class was full of diversity. We had no problems. I also taught in the city of Inglewood where the majority of students were Latinos and Blacks and when it comes to media, everyone loves it. One will be surprised on how a group of people work when it comes to


making a media project. Here’s a small story: we read in the paper about this Mexican-American gang not getting along with Blacks and that there was a green light out on Blacks. When we read it, we were stunned, because one of the independent rap groups we document just happened to be from that Mexican gang. We called him up immediately and asked him if there would be a problem if black people would show up on our set. We were worried and we didn’t want any violence on our sets. He pretty much laughed at us and told us we watch too much news. It’s not my goal to create some type of vision for solidarity between races, but if other people see how it really is, that there is no racism and the media is all hype, that it’s not intentional. It just is what it is.

SW: What new projects can readers expect from you?

Chelly: I am working on a documentary entitled “HIP HOP FOR HEMP” We documented Hemp Fest 2007 and learned that HEMP CAN SAVE THE WORLD!!!! Besides that, we also hope to begin shooting “HOOD OF THE DEAD” this summer. HOOD OF THE DEAD is a movie my sister and I, along with A FREEWORLD PRODUCTIONS, decided to write. Prior, about two years ago, we worked on a movie [exploring] gangsta rap called The Glockumentary. We were


hired as the crew and shot the movie in 12 days. And last week we worked on another movie that took 12 days to shoot. Then, we said, “why not us?” We wrote a script, made a trailer and it’s only been up for a month, yet more than 7,0000 people have seen it on YouTube. It’s a zombie movie, but it takes place in the hood and if you smoke the crack, you will become a zombie. It’s realistic, because if you do smoke crack, you probably will become a zombie like person.

SW: You mentioned on your MySpace profile that you “love the Valley”. Why?

Chelly: I was born and raised in the West Valley, Canoga Park. You have to be proud of where you’re from. I love the Valley, all my family and friends live here and even though it was said to be #1 worst city in all of Los Angeles for gang crime, don’t believe the hype, Canoga Park is not a bad place.

How To Do Business Like The Mafia

The letters of jailed Cosa Nostra boss Bernardo Provenzano are full of insights into his leadership style. The result could be a how-to manual for company directors. Fortunately, the mafia’s particular modus operandi – the use or threat of violence to create monopolies and price-fixing cartels – is not part of general business practice. But his “System” turned around a failing organization with far-sighted tactics worthy of any business impresario. The fact that he wrote his reforms by letter means that we have what amounts to seven rules for running a successful business.

Rule 1: Submersion

When a company is failing, the first step is to take it below the radar. You want to lose that cursed epithet “troubled” as quickly as possible, even if it means disappearing from the business pages.”It’s the sensible thing to do – you bury your mistakes and get on with it,” says Peter Wallis (known as Peter York in his other guise, as a social commentator), management consultant at SRU Ltd. You also want to buy shareholders’ patience and convince them to hold their nerve and trust you.

Rule 2: Mediation

“Be calm, clear, correct and consistent, turn any negative experiences to account, don’t dismiss everything people tell you, or believe everything you’re told. Always try to discover the truth before you speak, and remember that, to make your judgment, it’s never enough to have just one source of information.”

Rule 3: Consensus

Provenzano answered letters from every level of society about job vacancies, exam results, local health and hospital administration. Like the charity work carried out by major corporations today, Provenzano was clear: the mafia must present itself as a positive element of society. The boss had to appear as a beneficent figure, an uncle whose advice and consent was sought on all matters – business and personal. He understood that persuading the people they need you is a far more effective way of promoting your business than imposition and violence.

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Live nation is realy trying to prove something.


Concert promoter Live Nation is about to make its third $100 million-plus deal to lock up a pop star, the NYT reports. The first was for a “concerts plus albums” deal for Madonna, the second for a more conventional “concerts plus website” deal with U2. Now Live Nation (LYV) has committed to lay out up to $150 million for Jay-Z.

The deal, per the Times:

$25M: Overhead for 5 years
$25M: “Available to finance Jay-Z’s acquisitions or investments”
$25M: Upfront fee
$25M: Advance for current tour
$30M: $10M per album advance for 3 albums over 10 years
$20M: “Certain publishing, licensing and other rights”

Hapa Signs With Instrumental!


We at INSTrumental DJ agency are very excited to have Hapa on board helping manage this thing we call our BRAND.

“There’s so much more I want to do. This is really all the tip of the iceberg- and I am so thankful to even HAVE this iceberg” stated HAPA in a recent interview about the success and impact he has had on the industry and DJ community. It couldn’t be truer. Now 27 years young, HAPA lives by the mottos branded on his arms, “Life’s Too Short” and “Lead With Passion”.

Blog’s Increase Album Sales!!


Saw this @

Not surprisingly, blogs help boost album sales in a way that not even MySpace can. A study by New York University researchers found that being mentioned in a legitimate blog can improve album sales up to six times the average.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

NYU Stern professor Vasant Dhar and former student Elaine Chang sampled 108 albums released between January and March of 2007 to determine the impact of blog chatter on record sales. Using sales rankings, albums were tracked four weeks before and four weeks after release. Researchers found that when an album got mention in more than 40 legitimate blog posts, sales were three times the average. If those albums were associated with major labels, sales jumped five times the average. Albums that got more than 250 blog mentions saw sales increases of six times the average.



Saw this @ according to Elroy Cohen hip hop is dead. My favorite quote is ” Now that you have fathers getting jiggy with it who wants that? My son does not think it is sexy when he’s looking for his Jay-Z album and finds it in my CD player” Check my man Lungz for the full story

Is the porn industry going the way of the record business? The owners of Vivid entertainment sound generally shook in this article from Reuters where they talk all about all the free porn on the web.


More Major Label Woes

Robbie Williams is one of EMI’s biggest international assets. Recently Williams and his mgr put EMI and it’s head honcho Guy Hands on blast saying he is acting like a plantation owner! They were basically saying what can EMI even do for us? They also were insinuating that they were gonna defect and do a Radiohead like release directly to fans. The majors are in big trouble no one believes in them anymore. Of all the pix of Robbie on the web this one struck me…

Full article here