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Kaws On Exhibit In Los Angeles

Kimpsons #5, 2004, Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 inches

KURFS (bouncing), 2008, Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 60 inches

more kaws after the jump

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“It never ceases to amaze me the different colours and effects you can achieve in a boring concrete R.C.P drain.”

~ Smashing Pixels ~

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Scary Thought

The Hip Hop part isn’t so bad but a bunch of old broads with tat’s just a’int right plus it’s gonna be more like millions!

Do you remember this from last year?

how bout this one, ring any bells?

there’s plenty more

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Art Of War

High-Speed Bullet Photography

(images via: David Neff)

Photographer David Neff keeps his techniques top secret, declining to divulge any details as to how he captures such amazing images. In this series of high-speed bullet photography, he fires .22 bullets at various objects like pears, crayons and cigarettes and takes the photo just as the bullet is grazing or passing through them. The result is a visually stunning reminder of just how destructive bullets can be.

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Crazy Statues NSFW

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2008 In 40 Seconds!

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

Photographer Eirik Solheim, who set up his Canon 400D and took this remarkable time-lapse sequence showing 2008 passing by in a mere 40 seconds.

Go to Eirik’s blog to find out how he managed to captured the images and watch the 2 minutes version of the video

Street artist Shepard Fairey has come a long way now his Obama image will grace  the cover of Time Magazine. a video about how it came about here.

Art As Money

Great Stuff!

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VW Gets Surreal

Advertising Agency: DDB, Berlin, Germany

Chief Creative Officer: Amir Kassaei

Executive Creative Directors: Stefan Schulte, Bert Peulecke

Creative Directors: Ludwig Berndl, Kristoffer Heilemann

Art Directors: Marian Grabmayer, Marcus Intek

Illustrator: Kirill Chudinskiy

Account Manager: Kathrin Thiel


Pix That Stick

some of the best pics from reuters in 2008

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Most Amazing Houses in the World

Amazing article from weburbanist

Little boxes on the hillside aren’t for everyone. While some people might be content with a cookie-cutter home in a bland suburban neighborhood, others create truly one-of-a-kind homes with incredibly imaginative shapes and materials. In addition to the 70 amazing houses around the world that we’ve featured before, here are 15 jaw-dropping examples of architecture from a decaying wooden skyscraper in Russia to a mushroom-shaped home in Cincinnati that looks like it was custom-made for Dr. Seuss.

Bart Prince House – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Architect Bart Prince is renowned for his incredibly creative approach to designing structures. The homes he has created look nothing like the boxy houses you and I live in; they’re quirky, they’re organic, and they’re most definitely one-of-a-kind. Prince says his designs start from the inside out, and that every home he builds has an idea behind it. Pictured are Prince’s own home in Albuquerque (top) and the Seymour residence in Los Altos, California.

Bubble House – Tourettes-sur-Loup, France

The ‘bubble house’ of Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France, is only 35 years old and has yet to be finished, but that hasn’t stopped the French ministry of culture from listing it as a historic monument. Designed in the 70s by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag for fashion designer Pierre Cardin, the bubble house is futuristic yet organic, with lots of built-in furniture and oval, convex windows. The design is meant to take optimal advantage of the volcanic Côte d’Azur landscape, and its windows certainly provide a beautiful view of the Mediterranean.

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Sand Art

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Addidas House Party

Dope Street Art

Dope street art thanks to Jakedobkin’s photostream on Flickr @

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Next Thing In Art – Jeff Sonhouse

Jeff Sonhouse paints prominent — Condoleezza Rice, Diddy — and not so prominent African-Americans into colorful, distorted, geometrical compositions that render the subject barely recognizable but for the occasional giveaway detail. Condi, for example, becomes identifiable by her trademark sculpted hair made from steel wool; this guy’s hair, on the other hand, made of bright-yellow vegetable-like matter, reminds us of those posters they distributed in grade school that said “you are what you eat.” See Sonhouse’s tactile paintings at Tilton Gallery through December 23.

Pain Without Borders Animated Short

Nude Sarah Palin Portrait (NSFW)

I made a sfw version for my front page with my amazing photoshop skills click thru for the real version.

This is the notorious portrait of a Naked Sarah Palin hanging in a Chicago bar. Full story here – Dive bar scores hit with Nude Sarah Palin If the link is down or overwhelmed it basically says “she’s the subject of a nude portrait, unveiled Thursday and drawing crowds to the Old Town Ale House on Chicago’s North Side.

The portrait fits right in at the ale house, a dark and famously dingy bar frequented by Second City performers and crew, whose walls are adorned with more than 200 paintings of bar regulars and well-known Chicagoans, often engaged in various sexual acts. The Palin portrait has quickly become the bar’s star attraction, drawing a steady stream of picture-snapping admirers. According to the hand behind this and the rest of the paintings, former golf hustler and bar co-owner Bruce Elliott, his latest piece is even pulling in regulars from rival establishments.

The idea for the painting came to him a week earlier when he noticed his daughter Grace, who works behind the bar, was performing an uncanny Sarah Palin impression.

Elliott employed his daughter as the model for Palin’s body and drew on photo references to depict her from the neck up. While many women might cringe at the idea of posing nude for their fathers, Grace proudly informs gawkers that they’re staring at her body up on the wall.

Elliott, who says he’s pulling for Barack Obama in the election, worked on the portrait for seven to eight hours a day for a week. While the piece qualifies as a quick grab for attention, it’s also very much the creation of someone immersed in the coverage of Palin, whom he refers to as “a real nasty piece of work” while also admitting feeling attracted to her.

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