Apparently, Arizona State University decided to ditch their cheer squad after this photo serviced on a popular blog site. School officials sited the spirit leaders for inappropriate behavior and ultimately cut the program all together. Like cheerleaders have been known to uphold the highest in standards. Yeah Right! Prime example # 2: cheerleaders who taped themselves giving a brutal half hour beat down to an x friend. And these two scandalous stories surfaced just weeks apart. Cheerleaders have been in existence for how long? You do the math.

Coincidentally enough, the girls can’t take responsibility for their own faults. They put full blame on a juicy Internet site for busting them out. THEDIRTY.COM is a reality blog site fit to dismantle the lives of just about every illicit spring breaker. I recommend you hide your photos. And hide them good, cause your gal pal just might think your dirty laundry is worthy of submission.

As for the ASU cheerleaders, they’ll have plenty of time to do as many skimpy photo shoots during basketball, football, volleyball and every other sporting period in need of spirit, considering they’re all out of a job. Looks like it’s gonna be a long and unfufilling season for the fans. But, then again there is always Sparky. Well, we at Next Thing wish you girls the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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